About Us

About Us

Headquartered in Louisville Kentucky, with 45 banking centers across 5 states and $4.8 billion in assets, Republic Bank is one of the largest locally-owned community banks, and has been recognized as one of the top performing banks in the nation.

Offering full service relationship banking and a wide variety of products to serve individuals as well as small and large businesses, Republic is dedicated to providing the financial resources that help our communities grow.

Republic Bank’s financial stability and loan quality are among the strongest to be found, with customer service that is widely considered an industry standard.

The Tax Refund Solutions (TRS) division and the high quality tax offices that partner with us are important contributors to the success of Republic Bank.

With over 20 years of experience in the e-file industry, Republic Bank is a trusted and proven provider of Refund Transfers and Easy Advances. Through integration with several leading tax software programs and tens of thousands of tax preparation offices across the country, each tax season millions of customers choose a product from Republic Bank for speed, convenience and security.

The Tax Refund Solutions Commitment

Tax Refund Solutions is committed to working with tax offices of the highest caliber. We want to ensure consumers are offered our tax products in a fair and responsible manner and that they are presented clear choices in making their decision. As a stakeholder in the electronic filing industry we endeavor to promote integrity throughout our program and to be a sound steward in the e-file process.

What ERO's Are Saying

Advanced Notification...
"I loved the App notice in the morning, you had a heads up on what you were doing that day. GREAT IDEA!"

Receivables Assistance...
"With the delay in the start of Electronic Filing these last two years, it has really helped with needed money to buy supplies, pay payroll, etc."

Text Updates...
"I really like this feature because it cut down on the calls!"