Reporting Tools


Logging into your account with your EFIN and password above gives you 
24/7 access to all of the information you need to stay on top of the 
processing of your customer’s refunds and fee payments.

Our intuitive ERO Dashboard offers summary level, cumulative data to 
give you a bird’s eye view of your business. If you need to dig in deeper, 
your account center has several detailed reports that let you slice and 
dice data about your fee payments, fundings and your customers.



Advance Notification About Funding

Find out each morning how many customers will have Federal refunds released that day and who they are with our great reporting tools!

Our mobile phone app, dashboard chart and reports will show you:

  • Number of customers and dollar amount of that day’s Federal funding including the number of checks to print at approximately 4 pm Eastern,
  • Number of direct deposits released and
  • Number of prepaid cards funded.


Manage your day more efficiently knowing if you’ll have a big check file that afternoon!



Mobile App

If you have an account and an iPhone® or Android™ phone, then you are ready to take advantage of the Republic Bank TRS mobile app! Search for Republic Bank TRS on the App Store or Google Play to download. Simply log in with your EFIN and Password you use to access your account on

Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier.



What Republic EROs Are Saying About 
Republic's Reporting Tools:

“I used your app while on a trip to Alaska – It was flawless. 
Thank you for providing excellent service.”

“Really like these features because being informed, 
is being professional."

"I loved the App notice in the morning, you had a heads up of what 
you were in for during the day. GREAT IDEA!!!"

"The Dashboard Chart and lists helped me plan my schedule each 
day because I would know exactly how many checks to expect."


"Knowing whose checks would be available to print or direct 
deposits for the day in advance gave me the 
opportunity to have those files ready when it was time to 
reconcile and disburse refunds."