Taxpayer Text Updates

Save time and resources by letting Republic Bank notify your customers!

Text Timing

As the ERO, you can delay text messages after the check has been printed if you need additional time to sort the checks or complete other administrative tasks.

Reduce Phone Call Volume

With no cost to your business, many EROs say they are saving significant time and resources by avoiding outgoing phone calls. You will also benefit from a serious reduction of “Do you have my money?” phone calls since customers receive a text message as soon as their refund is available. For more details and to adjust your office’s text message settings, log into your account on and click on office info.


What Republic EROs Are Saying About Taxpayer Text Updates1:

“Clients loved the text alerts!”

“This was an awesome feature!”

“I really like this feature because it cut down on the calls!”


1 Message and data rates may apply from the wireless carrier. This feature may not be available with all tax software providers.

What ERO's Are Saying

Tools and Features...
"I loved everything about the tools and features."

Marketing Assistance...
"Everything was delivered in a timely manner, very nice professional products and pamphlets, with checks and cards. I was very impressed by the Marketing materials!"

Customer Service...
"I think your customer service is the greatest. Thanks so much for all you do for us."