Bank Check

  • Print checks at your office so your customers can pick up their checks from the safety and convenience of your office. NOTE: This disbursement option is not available for customers that select an EA only.
  • An automated toll-free phone line and website are available 24/7 for the verification of all Bank Product checks. The toll-free phone number and website are printed on the face of our checks for fast and easy verification by financial institutions or check cashing services.
  • Checks must be kept in a locked area (e.g. safe, drawer or cabinet).
  • Each tax office will automatically receive check stock with the initial supply shipment prior to tax season.
  • Republic Bank customers can save money on check cashing fees by taking advantage of several affordable and convenient Check Cashing Options including Walmart, Wells Fargo, HEB and many grocery stores across the country. For a complete list of all retail locations and additional documentation about bank affiliations for check cashing, please log into your account on and click on Check Cashing Assistance under the Support menu option.