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  ERO Support Options

ERO Dashboard

Log into your account with your EFIN and password to access reports, order supplies, view the status of taxpayers, access our ERO Forum and much more.

Call us at 866-491-1040

For live assistance, our Customer Service representatives will be happy to field your questions. During tax season, we extend our weekday and weekend hours, to better serve you and your customers.

Fax your documentation to 866-300-3528

Any documentation that is required in hard copy format such as changes to ERO bank account information, voided checks, and stop payment requests can be faxed directly to us at the above toll-free number.


  Taxpayer Support

Direct your taxpayers to our mobile friendly taxpayer website. There they can quickly and easily find the details they need about their Republic Bank Products including a summary of tax preparation and other fees.

IRS Website

For information about the status of their individual refund, taxpayers should be encouraged to visit

Customers can call 866-581-1040

Taxpayers can check the real-time status of their Republic Bank Products simply by calling the above toll-free number.

What ERO's Are Saying

Tools and Features...
"I use all of these tools every year and they help my small business run extremely well. I have worked with other banks before who didn't offer some of this assistance. This does make a difference."

Marketing Assistance...
"I was extremely satisfied with the services that were offered!"

Customer Service...
"Republic Bank has been a great company to work with and I appreciate the securities they have set in place for EROs and their clients."