Software Purchase Assistance (SPA)1

You don’t have to pay upfront for your tax software!


With Republic Bank’s SPA, we will pay for your Tax Software package so you can take advantage of early pricing without having to pay upfront.

Once the upcoming tax season begins, the Bank Product process works as normal except the amount due to Republic Bank will simply be deducted from your tax preparation fees until paid in full. You will be charged nothing more than the price of your Tax Software.

This is just another way Republic Bank provides value to you! Call us at 888-676-2056 for more details and to see if your software company participates in SPA. See the SPA Agreement for complete terms and conditions.


1 SPA availability is based on Tax Software providers participation.

What ERO's Are Saying

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"I loved everything about the tools and features."

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"Everything was delivered in a timely manner, very nice professional products and pamphlets, with checks and cards. I was very impressed by the Marketing materials!"

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"I think your customer service is the greatest. Thanks so much for all you do for us."