Responsible Business Practices

At Republic Bank, we hold ourselves to the same high standard we expect from the tax offices that offer our products. We focus on the following areas to promote integrity and fairness throughout our business.

ERO Training

Mandatory online training provided by Republic Bank helps ensure that everyone involved in processing Bank Products understands the requirements and procedures.

Providing Customers With Information

A constant theme throughout our program is for the tax preparer to simply explain all filing and product options, including those that have no additional costs to the taxpayer, leaving the customer to choose what is best for their situation. We provide tax offices with tools such as the Need To Know Sheet and Easy Advance Information Page to help present this information to customers in a simple and straightforward fashion. Additionally, we work with your tax software to build a simple, step-by-step process for submitting Bank Product Applications that includes all of the necessary disclosures and customer signatures.

Tax Office Review

We audit and mystery shop a percentage of tax offices onsite and remotely to verify compliance with regulatory requirements and the business practices required by Republic Bank. Offices with exemplary performance are awarded a 5-Star Rating.

Advertising Approval

All advertising and marketing of Bank Products and NetSpend® Visa® Prepaid Cards must be submitted to Republic Bank for approval before a tax office can run any kind of marketing or social media campaign in newspapers, TV, radio, internet or any other medium. As part of this review process we confirm that the information is accurate and includes the proper disclosures for our products. This process and the December 8th deadline for advertising submissions are covered in more detail in ERO Training and the Program Guidelines.

Affordable Check Cashing

We arrange affordable check cashing options with some of the nation’s largest financial institutions and retail locations including Walmart, HEB and 7-Eleven.

What ERO's Are Saying

Tools and Features...
"I loved everything about the tools and features."

Marketing Assistance...
"Everything was delivered in a timely manner, very nice professional products and pamphlets, with checks and cards. I was very impressed by the Marketing materials!"

Customer Service...
"I think your customer service is the greatest. Thanks so much for all you do for us."