Refund Transfers

It's just that easy!

Keep in mind:

The Refund Transfer Fee will be charged upon receipt of the first funding, regardless of whether it is a federal or state refund. A Subsequent Funding Fee will apply for each additional funding we receive, regardless of whether it is a federal or state refund. 

How long does it take?

Timing depends on when the IRS or State releases the refund to Republic Bank. The IRS typically processes e-filed tax returns in less than 21 days unless it needs further review. See for the latest timing estimates.

Clients need money in a hurry? Check out our Easy Advance!

*Important: The IRS will not start releasing refunds for taxpayers that have the Earned Income Tax Credit and/or Additional Child Tax Credit until February 15, 2020 due to The PATH Act.

Why do customers choose a Refund Transfer?


Customers want their taxes prepared professionally by you without having to pay anything up front.


An RT allows customers without bank accounts access to their funds quickly. Taxpayers won't have to wait on a paper check to be mailed from the IRS. Bank checks printed in your office can be picked up the same day you print.

We also offer Netspend® Visa® Prepaid Cards and Walmart Direct2Cash for those without a traditional banking relationship.


Many taxpayers, even those with bank accounts, prefer to pick up a bank issued check from the safety of their tax office rather than receiving an IRS issued check in the mail or a direct deposit.

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