Pricing Plans

Choose your Refund Transfer (RT) pricing plan!

Republic Bank makes it easy to choose the pricing plan that works best for your business!

Product pricing and details may vary by software.
To see your software provider details, choose from below:

Low Cost Leader Option

Want the word on the street to be that you have the lowest prices around for Refund Transfers? If so, this option is for you. Also, you may get a revenue share for each Prepaid Card that you issue.

Revenue share icon

Revenue Share Option

Would you like to earn a revenue share on every Refund Transfer you
process to compensate you for the extra work involved? If so, we’ve got
an option for that also! Republic Bank will pay you a revenue share per
federal Refund Transfer and each subsequent deposit fee.

You may be able to add in another revenue share for customers that choose a Prepaid Card. You have the opportunity this year to earn up to $18 per customer!

No volume requirements

No incentive tiers

No complicated calculations